metronome with specific function


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I am looking for a metronome that has the ability to evenly decrease or increase tempo.

Above that I'm not looking anything special, trying keep it relatively reasonably priced..



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My Roland can do that. But it's not a stand-alone metronome, its the one built-in to my RMP-5 (mesh practice pad). I'd imagine if Roland makes stand-alone metronomes, some of them would have this.

Well... when you say "evenly" do you mean note-to-note? Or like 1-2 measures at one tempo then change? The Roland does the latter... The former sounds weird.

Another option is to use notation software that can do MIDI playback, like Finale, and program in what you want, with repeats around it, then play it and play along.


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Thanks for the software suggestion

And yes I meant by bar/measure, not note to note. I tend yo leave out vital info when typing on my phone