Metronome Practice NEED HELP!

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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True overhead is usually a good thing. Overplaying will often mean that the chops involved and their potential for musical versatility isn't mastered and understood yet. That'll generally mean physical muscle have been trained, but the mental musical ones, not so much. For best results, do it all at once on the right level and build on that with a logical progression..


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Abilities greater than the minimum needed for the situation.
Ah... I think of that as "headroom". Lately I've been thinking that if I take my top speed for playing something on a practice pad , and drop that by four clicks, that's a more realistic tempo to practice at. If I drop it four more clicks, that's a tempo where I might actually use it when playing with a band.

For example if the maximum speed I can squeeze out is 144, I'll practice at 120 and focus on playing better (rather than quicker). Then when I 'm behind the kit playing with other people, my actual top playing speed is probably about 104.

It's difficult to figure out just how much headroom I should work with for any given technique, or if it might be better to practice only at the tempo where I'll actually be playing.
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