Metric Modulation recorded songs request


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Now i'm after some more example recordings for my pupils to listen to - Metric Modulation please. here are some I've got so far:
Dream Theater – The Mirror
Max Roach – Three-Four Vs. Six-Eight Four-Four Ways;
The Band – Jawbone;
Sting – Love Is Stronger Than Justice;
Yes – Hold On (1:06)

any more preferably with a rough time stamp if the song is long and the part you think is modulated is buried or obscure (like the yes example).


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There's a Van Halen song called 'Unchained' that's got a funny bit in it.

I suppose it's the pre-chorus bit "...fat city address..." Actually I'd like to know what that is exactly myself.


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While we're at it, what exactly is "metric modulation"? Tempo change, or time signature change? Thanks.
It's a shift where you take a subdivision one one time signature, and make it the new downbeat.

Or better explained: to shifts from one-time signature/tempo to another, wherein a note value from the first is made equivalent to a note value in the second.

For example, if you listen to Dream Theater – The Mirror,
If you listen to the drums, the "1" on the beat is in a completely different relationship to the guitar riff throughout the song. It gives the illusion the songs is speeding up/slowing down. The start playing 16th notes, then go into a triplet feel. And it moves around between these different feels.

Yet, if you listen to the guitar riff and ignore the drums, it doesn't actually vary.


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Does this count?

Bring Me Some Water by Melissa Etheridge, from around 2:27, where the song goes into (???) half time, where the back beat moves to the '3' of each bar.



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Here’s 2 from Meshuggah
“Choirs of Devastation”
Drums start right before the minute mark: around the two minute mark Tomas Haake does some cool beat shifting

Don’t know whats going on here but This one I’m certain has subdivisions between drums (cymbals sounding rushed while snare is seemingly slowed by placing in weird spots, let alone he is ghostin the hell out of snare)
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