Metallica- Blackened 2020

Living Dead Drummer

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Well, I heard this when they first dropped it....seems like I'm the only person here who likes it

Na, I liked it too. I unapologetically love all things Metallica and at any given time you can find one or more of their CD's in my car. Yes, I said CD's... and currently It's Load reLoad, S&M2 on rotate. No effs given!


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I think people are taking this version way too seriously.

It was recorded last year at the height of COIVD when the band members couldn't all be in the same room. It was just something to do to keep playing under the circumstances. It wasn't some great musical declaration or musical statement.


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Not a spectacular performance, but the effort is there. That's a brutal first song too.
This show has turned out to be their definitive live document really. I saw them the year before this was recorded and it was a truly transformative experience.

Regarding that version of "Blackened" - generally speaking I'm very wary of online pile-ons against MetallicA. The band's own massively important legacy aside, they've helped countless smaller bands through promotion and directly financially by covering them. Lemmy hinself said the biggest royalty money he ever got was from the MetallicA covers theydid. Most of that is down to Lars too. His NWoBHM 79 Revisited comp revitalised a lot of those bands careers. They fully deserve the respect and kudos they get.

Buuuuuut....that "Blackened" version is really really really shit. 😫😫😫(n)(n)(n)