Metal or Wood?


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Well, it's always the same dilemma, do I NEED or do I WANT? I could do almost a lot with one snare but since I 've trying it be way more accurate and term in sounds of all the instruments and more specifically with drums with my new band, there is really a minimum of two different snare sounds in all the 50 songs we cover in each of our 3 sets, one deep, low or medium tuned snare, and one high pitch very clearly snare, hence the two snare that I have on the kit permanently, the Tama 5" X 14 and the Tama 6.5 X 14". Even when tuned at the same pitch they are very different, one kind of pure Funk tuning and the other more medium Pop/dance tuning. And in the last set, we use my the medium tuning as a more Indie Pop/Rock sound.
So, I would say, with two Snare, I feel really covered, knowing that I prefered to spend the Max I could at a time to get the best snare so that, each can cover a lot.
I'm not the drummer in the band but wanted to have all I think we need to deliver the best show we can.
That said, if I buy a third snare, that might be either a metal one to check how it is compared to my two wood sanres or the Tama Star Reserve Bubinga Maple 15X8" to use it as double duty as I have nothing between my 13" and my 16" Toms and I have the room for.
Note that I don't talk much about the 3rd snare I have, the 5.5" that came with the kit, a steel snare with an extra wrap that match the kit that is good when it's muffled, like a sound ala "Billie Jean" but that has no comparison with the quality and range of the two other snares I bought after.


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Both metal and wood for me. There's a much wider variety of good snare sounds to me, unlike toms and bass drums from which whatever sound I want I can get from heads and tuning, since I basically like one general sound from them.


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Metal for me. 3 steel, 2 brass and 1 aluminum.

Steel: bright, pingy, loud
Brass: similar to steel with a slightly darker overtone
Aluminum: dry, dark, short sustain

My favorite changes a lot. Right now steel is getting the most play time.


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I generally like metal snares. My tastes are constantly evolving, but right now I'm really in love with brass. They have a lively character, pleasant overtones (to my ears, at least), and warmth.

6.5x14 DW Collector's BNOB with tube lugs is my current favorite, and is one of the best bargains in snare drums, IMHO. I also have a 5x14 Black Beauty that I like, though it doesn't get used as much. I ordered an A&F Raw Brass 6.5x14 and am patiently waiting for it to get built. I'll post when it arrives. I also have a Yamaha RC aluminum 6.5x14 that gets used regularly, though I may sell it and use the proceeds on a Supra.

I like wood drums too, I just haven't spent as much time searching out the good ones. I used to own a Sonor SQ1 kit, and I thought the SQ1 snare (birch) was fantastic. At some point I'd like to get a solid-ply maple snare, I really like the way they sound.