Metal fans, what do you guys think of Architects


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I am by no means an officianado of metal. Have only recently gotten into it and even then my tastes are limited to Meshuggah and a few others.

A friend of mine was recently supporting this band, Architects, from Brighton in England. He told me to check them out, I did, and was thoroughly blown away.

So young and so talented, in my opinion. Now obviously they're not the be all and end all, and you can always overshadow any young metal drummer with the likes of the even younger Eloy Casagrande, but even so I think Architects drummer is absolutely superb. great blend of groove, technicality and chops.

Just throwing it out there to see if any of the true metal heads on here would even rate these guys, as I personally would love to see these guys succeed.


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Pretty generic to be honest...

There's been a surge in bands like this sweeping the Uk for the last year or so. They all pretty much sound the same. You can tell by the names, there are 2 kinds. A single plural and a long-winded pretentious type. For example Architects, Hexes, Throats, Beasts, Gallows, Manattees, Brides, maths, lakes. Then there's The ghost of a thousand, Boys with x-ray eyes, bring me the horizon, i killed the prom queen, annotations of an autopsy...

i could go on.

Check out Johnny Truant, they've been around for longer doing similar music and it's kicks alot more ass than this.


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Music: No.
Drums: No.
Guitars: No.
Vocals: The jokes write themselves.
Sound: No.
Band members: No.
Total score: Architects for the lose.

See, you forgot to put 'Horrible rendition of Metal' in the post here.


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Drums were very solid and well orchestrated phrasing.

I didn't care for the vocals, I guess I'm just old and partial to vocals that are understandable. lol.

Overall, they are very good. Just not my daily cup.