Mesh Heads


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If I take the reso head off, how quiet are mesh heads? Quieter than a practice pad for example?

Are they strong? I have a plan to turn a bunch of unused drums into an electronic kit by putting mesh heads on them and triggering them...I'm thinking of using an old snare as the bass drum, (held at 90 degree angle on a snare stand), will a 14" mesh head withstand the pummeling of double bass drum pedals?

Bo Eder

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I just put a bunch of those Pearl Rhythm Traveler mesh heads on my Pearl Export kit to turn it into a practice kit and I would think regardless of the size of the head, the durability should be the same since it's the same material. Coupled with the proper sized rubber neoprene cymbal pads made by Sound Percussion and Vic Firth, I now have a kit I can play at any hour of the day (I tend to get home from work 'round midnight and have practiced then and my neighbors don't hear a thing).

These mesh heads take a pretty good beating. In fact, over the last few months of owning these heads and using them on a Sonor Safari kit, I haven't broken one yet. Perhaps a torn t-shirt thrown inside the toms will muffle your resos enough that you won't hear them. Mine do 'trigger' off the reso heads, but the volume is negligible.

Les Ismore

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I have mesh heads on a practice kit, the kick and the fl tom heads have holes in them.
Mesh heads are really durable, still playable even with holes which is amazing.

I do have pieces of duct tape sandwiched over the ft hole which if off center enough to not be in the line of constant fire, the kick's hole is away from the beater impact also. I use wood beaters with nothing on the mesh head for protection. Mesh heads can take a beating.

Im working them to see what it'll take to make them fail completely, its a lot actually.


The Roland two ply mesh heads are pretty much indestructible. My tom ones are over ten years old. The only one I have worn out is the bass. They still last 4 or 5 years. They are much quieter than a rubber pad, and much easier on your joints.