Mesh Head problem


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So i needed a new practice pad for my bass drum on my kit and i saw this on ebay

And figured, well i need the 22 inch bass drum practice pad so i may aswell get this and fit the rest onto my kit aswell, as i bought my tama imperialstar kit marketed as the basic 22 inch bass drum kit, with the 14 inch snare, 10 and 12 inch toms and 16 inch floor tom, now i knew the floor tom skin wouldnt fit. But after just measuring my snare drum i find it is 13 inch, which by the tama website is marketed with the 18 inch bass drum...i just want to know if im measuring this correctly, just using measuring tape across the drum, or is there anything else to take into acount...or could i be bollocked when i realise this skin wont fit my snare?


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Yea this happened with my Rockstar also, it's advertised as a 14" snare but some of them just seem to randomly have a 13" snare instead.