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I can't imagine not being able to remember songs. That's the one thing that works the best with me is my musical memory. I'll go to get a glass of water and my wife asks me to bring the mustard, and I get the water and space the mustard. She just said it 15 seconds ago.

Yet I can remember the exact arrangement, down to the little nuances, on a song I haven't heard in 30 years. Total recall, zero effort.

If I'm learning a song and I write a chart, that's it, I don't need the chart anymore. Once I see the arrangement summarized with my eyes, (eg verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/ hook/solo/ bridge/verse/ ending)it's burned in my brain. Forever. Strange I remember music and hardly anything else.

Agreed Larry. I can't understand people who can't remember songs, it's so stupidly easy. I've never written a chart for a song, ever. My memory for other stuff is horrendous.