Members that are using stock 13" Tama steel snares...


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what type of head(s) are you guys using on them?

i recently pull my rockstar kit out the corner of my room, set it up and started playing it again. the snare drum still has both stock tama hazy heads on them. i wanted to change them out and figured i asked what type of heads you guys are using (if you still are using the stock generic looking snare)?


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Re: members that are using stock 13" tama steel snares...

I have a 14" that I've been using extensively these last few years. Remo Emperor and Controlled Sound have been used to great success. I now have an Aquarian Modern Vintage on. It's a bit harder to get the tuning just right (no excess/bad overtones and such stuff), especially low tunings, but it works just fine. Very good for brushes :)