Melting Moongel


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Great melting moongel Batman.

Okay, has anyone else run into this? The last couple packs of Moongel I've bought have congealed into a singular lump. I keep my stick bag in the trunk of my car in case I want to swing by an open jam and I keep a pack of Moongel in there for those occasions when I need it.

Did they change the formulation or something? I've been doing this for years and these last couple are the first that have done this to me. The last one, I tried washing each individual slice and thinking that if they were a bit dirty them might not stick together. But no luck. The new stuff seems slipperier and shinier as well.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what you did. Don't want to get into the efficacy of Moongel, I only use it occasionally when there are windows or a really hard wall behind me and things need to be quiet. But when I pull the stuff out of the bag, I don't expect one big misshapen lump that I can't separate.


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Wow...nope, I've never seen that before!
They sure get stuck all together but never not been able to peel them off each other.

Pretty sure the shop you bought them at would give you a replacement set of moon gels for your ...umm...moon cubes.



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I leave some moongel on my floor tom pretty much permanently. Since it never gets that hot in there, I can't really explain why it has melted into little globs on the head. It comes off on things like my sticks and transfers, too. Oh well, I don't really mind. Just thought I'd mention that it melted for me, too.


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The thread is old, but the issue is current. I opened my packet of Moongels yesterday only to find a congealed blob. Since hot sun created the blog, I figured it could correct it as well. I cut the blob into somewhat equal pieces, put them into and ice-cube tray and put the tray in the window of my car. Within a few hours, the gels had formed to the shape of the tray, and are more-or-less back to what they were. In future, I won't be leaving them in the car.