Melodious Tinkle Sounds


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I'm currently looking for some cheap cymbals for a practice kit. I came across this ebay ad for a no-name ride cymbal and liked the description:

Are you a sincere and professional drummer? Or do you have extremely great enthusiasm on playing the drum? If so, this Professional 18" 0.8mm Copper Alloy Ride Cymbal for Drum Set should be strongly recommended to you. Made of high quality copper alloy and giving out shining metal luster, our professional ride cymbal must be able to dig out your deep desire to play crazy and shocking melody! It offers you melodious tinkle sound when you hit the top. If you need one, just seize the chance immediately!
Seems like a bargain at $23.99, but I might not be sincere and professional enough to handle this cymbal, so I'm still searching. I was looking for some cheap used B8s or even Cambers, but the used prices seem surprisingly high. So, I am thinking of getting this Meinl pack.

Any other suggestions? I'm specifically looking for 14" hats and an 18" ride because I have some nice cymbal mutes that will fit these sizes.