Melbourne Busking (street performing)


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Hey everyone,
Here are two clips of me playing the buckets in Melbourne Australia. I did this to make money because I didn't really have any while I was there. I was able to make enough for food and anything I really needed. I would go out on a friday or saturday night, busk all night and come out with at least a hundo after three or four hours. It was insane! I loved it. I had too much fun. I met the greatest people. Hope you enjoy. I had some other links to videos of me with my jazz trio, but I took them down because the sound quality was so pour, but you can still find them on my you tube channel if you're interested. Thanks.


Bucket Solo on Swanston:

A person in a Panda suit dancing next to me:
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Love the panda moment, nice groove too. Can't help you on the bucket drumming, never tried it. Looks like fun though.


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Thanks. It's heaps of fun. The best part are the people,usually drunk, who start dancing, which is great for me, because I get to look at beautiful women wearing next to nothing dancing right in front of me, to my beat. It's pretty sweet. I had the best times doing this. If you're ever in another country, and have no money, being a drummer will always help you out. Just grab two branches, get a couple of objects, and start banging away, and you're guaranteed to make a couple of bucks, if at least for your effort. (There's always a few sympathy dollars)