Mel Lewis Gretsch Ad 1962


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I have this photo somewhere in a drum magazine or maybe a Gretsch catalog. I was looking for some decent cymbals in 2007 when I bought a new Gretsch kit (Purewood African Mahogany 6pc). I settled on Istanbul Agop - no special reason. I was going to buy 4 cymbals and ended up at the Canadian distributor's home and walked away with 13. Included in the bunch were a pair of Mel Lewis Signature 14 Hats, an 18 Mel Lewis Signature Crash/Ride and a very nice Mel Lewis Signature 21" Sizzle Ride (the one with two rivets).
I'm very happy with all the cymbals.


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Interesting setup for the times. One almost never sees 4-piece setups with a ride cymbal front/center like his.


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Great picture Scott, thanks for posting this.

I love Mel's drum and cymbal sound.
KONA - I own the Agop 21" Mel Lewis ride with the two rivets as well. Bought a month or so back and it has become a favourite . I owned the 19" Crash ride that I purchased from Paw Music when they were blowing out all their stock. Was not as happy with it and sold it. Soul Drums in Toronto has a really nice set of Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis cymbals (14/19/21) that would make a great set of cymbals for someone.