Meinl Sabian comparison...


I am fairly familiar with Sabian but would really like to take a closer look at Meinl. A few shops near here "can get them" but none of them have a Meinl display so you can actually hear them.

Can anyone tell me which models of Meinl are near equals to the Sabian line. For example:

Sabian AAX = Meinl Byzance (dont know if that's true).

I know they are not going to be equals, just trying to learn which products from Meinl most closely compare to Sabian or even Zildjian.

Sorry for the bonehead question.


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Sabian AAX = Meinl Byzance
definetly NOT. not bashing the AAX's, some great sounds, but the Byzance series really cannot be compared closely to any other line, but, with a gun to my head...

the "Traditional" sound similar to Sabian Artisan and K Customs

the "Jazz", "Dark" and "Extra Dry" sounds can be found in the HHX and K / K Custom series

dont own and havent played the "Brilliant" byzances, not sure

that said - these are are all LOOSE similarities, the sound clips on Meinls website are fairly accurate, but i urge you to hear these cymbals in person, they offer some incredible sounds, but their unique sound may or may not be to youre liking, these arent yer old Ks...

good luck