meinl mcs or meinl classics or paiste pst5?


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I searching for a good ride cymbal and crash cymbal
and found for the budget i have right now
i can only buy from these three brands
so which ride and crash do u suggest from these brands?


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Byzance are awesome, but not exactly budget oriented like the examples he posted about.

I've heard really good things about the classics for their price.


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The only Meinl cymbals I have ever played are a pair of Classics 10 inch hats. I like their sound and I'm very happy with the price. I have a fair number of Meinl percussion products and they are great quality. I imagine the MCS series is good too but I know I am happy with my Classics.


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I still think the best thing to do is buy Pro level used cymbals,but if that is not an option,I think overall the paiste ps5 is the best,just my opinion,but the classics and sabian b 8 have always been good too,and zil has been improving their entry level semi pro lines too.

Check this users you tube vids,he is one of the few that does a comparison on these lower lines,hopefully it will help you to move in the right direction.

I have the most experience with the Sabian B-8 series,then Paiste,then meinl classics then mcs, then Zil zbt.

Here is my overall critique

Crashes, 1.Paiste and meinl classics .2. sabian b-8,Zbt MCs

Rides, 1 paiste Meinl classics,2 Sabian b-8 med rides are usually pretty good,some exceptional.3 MCs and Zbt

Keep in mind that all these series are B-8 alloy,so are in general bright and focused,and less complex than b - 20 alloy cymbals,so if you want anything on the dark and or trashy side you need to look at b- 20 cymbals, which,new,are going to cost a lot more than the lines you are considering.

However if you play rock ,metal or loud music the B-8 bronze cymbals can do the job quite well.

The other avenue you can go for new b-20 cymbals of good quality is Dream cymbals,a lot of variation from cymbal to cymbal so I would not buy them without playing them,or without hearing a sound sample of the exact cymbal you are considering.The Bliss line is darker and jazzier,the contact line is brighter,probably more suited for rock and louder music.
If you are in the U.s. or canada,you might check out Saluda Cymbals,they will pick and or modify a cymbal to your description,I have a couple mist x crashes and they sound really good, and cost about half of what Paiste 2002's would have cost.Saludas and dream cymbals will cost about 20 to 25 percent more than the b-8 lines you are looking at,but be much less expensive than B-20 cymbals from the majors.