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Does anybody know something about Meinl Laser cymbals?

I own and use 14" hihat and 18" ride but i know nothing about them... :) tnx


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Here some comments of another forum:

"...definitely beginner line. i had a 16" laser crash as my first ever crash i bought myself... i'm fairly sure it wasn't bronze. it was kinda orange so it couldn't have been brass, but to my ears, it sounded just as bad as brass.."

"...The Laser line was a weird line for me. They started out as a Meinl's more expensive line (do not take it to serious as Meinl was a low end cymbal manufacter for years) and the ended as a cheap line.

They did not sound bad, lot's of the older Meinl artists at least had a few in their setups..."

I have seen some pictures on some pages in internet and they look nice.. but Im not sure if they are bronze or brass..
keep on searching..


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I picked up a 20" Heavy Ride Meinl Laser not knowing anything about Meinl at all...Bought the Cymbal because, It sounded quite good...Looked on Internet for information but nothing much available except that, with question marks:

Released: 1907's ?
Discontinued: 1980's ?
Description: Begineer Series
Hammering: Machine Lathing: Machine: Material: Stamped B8 ?

Also a Laser Time Series with pretty much same background except states "Improved version of Laser series"...My Ride doesn't look like it has B8 stamp, although the Laser stamp (White paint) is worn off...They compare this cymbal to Paiste 2002, Sabian B8 & Zildjian Edge...The Drum Shop I bought it from had told me that Laser had been sold only to Studios and not from Retail outlets...Who knows...I use this Ride as it has nice "ping' to it and very little "wash" comes off of it...Not "tinny" sounding at all..Will sell as outfitting with mostly Zildjians now...These cymbals though are "Vintage" though...Anywhere from 38 to 21 years old according to Meinl accounts...If anyone has anything else...Please advise...Thank you...