Meinl Foudry Reserve 18" Crash And 20" Ride for Funk


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I already have two Meinl Cymbals, an 17" Byzance Dark Crash and a 19" Byzance Traditional Crash. I didn't plan at first to buy anther cymbal but it seems that the new Foundry Reserve 18" crash could be just between my tow cymbals interim of pitch but with also a different style meaning it will bring a different Color. Do you have any experience with the Foundry Reserve 18" on how it blend well with other cymbals and mine?
Also, I have an old Avedis Zildjian 70's Ping Ride Heavy, I use it with a Zildjian A Custom Sweet Ride 23" 25th Anniversary, I like its Ping character compared to the "Washy" character of my Sweet ride but I have the feeling the the Foundry Resreve Ride 20 could replace it as it seems to be a little bit more Crasable with still a nice stick defition and nice bell. My issue on the Ping ride is that it last so long that you hear it a lot when you use it, it's more a classic Rock Ping Ride and we don't play loud volume, we are all on IEM, 7 Mics on the kit or E. Drums kit depending on the size of the stage and the venue so...???
Last reason, the ping ride cannot be crashed, really too heavy, too hard, so, I always wanted a large crash but this one would do double duties?
Finall, if the Meinl ride cannot be too much crash able as I don't want to ruin it in playing it too much for what it's not meant to be, are the light rides,Meinl FOUDRY Resreve could be also a kind of beautiful cymbal with a more 50/50 usuability? Or even just as a large cras cymbal for the light ride 20"?
Let me know....


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The 18 crash is very thin and trashy. A good cymbal in my opinion.
the 20 light ride is quite washy. I think you should test it to see if it can be your only ride.


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Ok, thanks for the info on e 18" and for the ride, Imwill always carry my 23" A Custom Sweet ride but if you say that the 20" is washy, I was more looking for a Pingy ride.... Note that the one that I have is a lot Pingy but it's super heavy, barely crashable u less you smash it like crazy.... And it rings for so long!!!!
Ok, I will continue to check for the ride 20".... I'm sold in the crash 18", I thought I had heard that kind of trashy which is what I'm looking for compared to my WO other Meinl 17" and 19"....
PS: maybe I don't need to ch age my 21" ride, but the foundry reserve sound so good....