Meinl Classics vs. Sabian APX vs. Paiste Alpha


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Hey DW,
I'm buying new hats (my brass Paiste 200's broke). I always buy used, but in good condition. Ive found three that I like (all B8 bronze):
14" Paiste Alpha (from the 90's) $150
14" Sabian APX regulars $125
14" Meinl Classics Soundwave $122
I'm leaning towards the Classics because they're soundwave, but I'm concerned about some reviews I've read, particularly durability. The Alphas are more expensive and I don't like the more recent models but I know the 90's versions sound better, though I'm not sure by how much. And I haven't heard much bad about the APX's but I know they're loud and might not mix well with my ride. Thoughts?
I've also heard a lot about Dream's Bliss and Contact series, and noticed they're cheap. Thoughts on those?