Meinl Byzance = Zildjian ???


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What Zildjian line do you think is like the Meinl Byzance?

more specific the Meinl Byzance medium ride


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K and maybe K Custom


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Meinl Byzance = Meinl Byzance
Zildjian = Zildjian.

If you want a Meinl Byzance Medium Ride... why not buy one?


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none of the Zildjian lines are the same, the K's are warmer and more sensitive and the K Customs are not as brash, the Hybrid's are about as close as you'll get, they seem to feel heavier and sound more defined though - the Meinl Byzance Rides have a voice all their own, i play the 24" Traditional Medium Ride and love it, just get the Byzance man!


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I agree completely with Solaris, why be tied down by brand names? If you like Meinl's sound, make it yours! What's the point in finding an "equivalent" of an ideal cymbal, when theres already one in front of you!