Meinl Byzance Sand cymbals + Sabian HHX Evolutions?

I've been looking at the Meinl Sand Hi-Hats and Sand Ride for a couple of weeks now because they're the exact sound I need! I play many different styles of music and even while in school or if I have to fill in for another band I need cymbals that suit all styles of music. Meinl have done the job for the two essential cymbals.

However, I like to have two crashes on my kit, at the moment I have a 17" HHX Evolution crash and a 18" A Custom EFX (which I fear will break, so I only use it at some gigs or recording).
I have also been looking at the 18" HHX Evolution crash to go with my other crash so that I have a fitted and matched sound.

By my ear, I think this would be a good combo but I'm not too sure. What would you guys say about this combo?



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I would say let your ears be the judge. I got lucky in that Sabian made a ton of different things I like within the defunct RADIA series, but unless you have an endorsement deal, you are in a position to use whatever sounds best for you.