Meinl byzance ride to go with pure vintage 15" hats

Currently I use the Pure vintage 15" hats, in an extreme metal context, as drawn more and more to darker/drier sounding cymbals.
I had also byzance dark 15" hats before, but overpowered everything(nice sounding though).
I've been researching a lot(reading this forum too), but I could not decide between e.g: Byzance Extra Dry medium 22", dark (raw bell or no) 20"-21"-22", vintage pure(light or no) 20"-22".
I'm more for a pingy ride, with a nicely assertive bell, as blast beats may be involved, but not necessarily looking for a loud one.
With the current hats I gigged a couple of times, with no issues, and used at rehearsals un-miked, played along with crashes/rides from classic customs, pure alloy and byzance traditional series.
I've sold all the Meinl classics from my setup, I still have a pure alloy 18" crash, which I perceive to be very loud and bright, and a traditional 20", which is a very nice cymbal(will never sell it).
Probably some dual dry, vintage, jazz, traditional crashes will follow.
But choosing the ride for me, seems the most difficult, and where I live there is no "test drive" possibilty.

Ps: this is my 1st, so a good one to everyone


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Of the rides you list, I own the Extra Dry 22, the Dark 21, and the Vintage Pure Light 22. All are great. For your context, I would list them in order of applicability... Dark, Extra Dry, and Vintage Pure.


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From the rides that you suggested, i would label the Vintage Pure as the most pingy/defined.
Yeah. My favs from the list are extra dry 22" and vintage pure light 22". The pure goes well, by design, indeed.
J C Bryant used this combo for some time, too. The darks are the louder, but what about a medium pure vintage 20" ? That copes more volume wise, maybe.
With this lockdown, I foresee no gigs, more I practice home, and in a smaller rehearsal room, fighting a Marshall or Mesa cab guy. May fulfill my needs ? I want also a nice cymbal, to learn some ride patterns with, otherwise I could go with a loud and cheap big bell ride, and that's it.


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Check out the Meinl video's on YouTube. They do a pretty good demo of almost each cymbal. Same drummer most of the time as well and then you can compare volume etc. But maybe an option could be to order the one you prefer at an online shop, try it out and if it's doesn't suit you sent it back and get the other one you'd like. (Europe) has the option of sending back stuff within 30 days i believe for a full refund (unless you really destroyed it)
Yeah, longtime customer of Thomann.

This is the ride I've used at my last rehearsals. It has the bell I'm looking for, unfortunately the the bow, is not that pingy, and needs more spirited hits to reach moderate to high volume(with 5b and 2b sticks). Otherwise would be the perfect ride for me. Maybe I'll try some tape next time..
I use it together with raw15" hats, 19" raw crash, 18" raw china(best unknown metal china ! for the money), 19" holey dark matter crash, 18" q crash.
This setup fits our music.

Want to build up something maybe a bit mellower, using Meinl, for my home setup.


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Well if you're familiar with Zultan i think the F5 series ride (20 or 22") might be your cup of tea. Ping all the way! Believe there's also a 21" version now.
The Raw ride looks like it's the closest to the Meinl Vintage Pure line except being like half of the price. 22" Rock Beat Ride could also be an option if the F5 is too loud.
Yeah, exactly those rides I'm studying right now, and one more additional Zultan line Q 20"-21"-22"-23"rides.
For F5 now they have, a bigger bell 21" and 22" version too.
My fear that it has more like "concert" volume, and overpowers even in the small rehearsal room.
e.g: For the price of a Meinl pure ride you can get 3 Zultan cymbals (e.g: caz 15" hats, caz 19", and f5" ride) :)
Neither of those rides could convince me, yet. The F5 21-22 metal rides, have usable bell sound, but the bow sound is not so present. maybe the regular version better ?! Rock Beat 22 has nice bell sound, but the bow sound is like from other cymbal, and lots of overtones.
Raw 21, 22" I like the most, but that will not handle loud patterns.
I think I was looking for a ride like Meinl Dark Raw Bell 20"(not produced anymore, and if you find one, is close to 500 EUR).
For the moment I found a deal on Istanbul Mehmet Black Sea 1623 20", for 210 EUR.
I hope it will make a good home-practice-study ride, is even crash-able. Not so loud, the sound is it seems to me, between a zultan raw and a byzance vintage pure.
At rehersals I will try to tame more the Zultan dark matter 22" ride. Unfortunately tape makes it even less pingy, and likes more 5A sticks, than 5B-2B. Mostly the bell can be heard.
If will not work, I will get a bell ride, for band practice and gigs only.
Is hard to have bot worlds in one cymbal.