meinl byzance medium ride 20"


meinl byzance medium ride 20" - we are thinkin about getting this for our big band drum set here at the university of tulsa. I got to play on it at my local music shop and thought it sounded godly - but i swear it was a 21 or 22" but i can only find it as a 20" online



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1. Go back to the shop where you played it and measure it. Or ask what it's measurement is.

2. Locate the cymbal online.

3. If you find it cheaper, ask for a price match.

4. If that doesn't work, go ahead and buy the cymbal you played.

5. Disregard #'s 1 - 4. Use University of Tulsa's Department of Music money and buy it!!

Student fees pay for more than just the athletic programs at universities, ya know!!