Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 22" as all-rounder ride? Other suggestions?


I currently have a Meinl byzance 20" medium brilliant ride and while testing some cymbals I really like how the extra dry ride sounds by itself (I tested the Medium version to be specific). While I currently play on the acoustic kit just by myself without playalongs, so "cutting through" is not as important, I am in search of a band and I would like to have a ride that can work for different genres - mostly thinking prog rock/metal and funk. One important factor though is that the kit would likely still not be mic'd.

I'm looking for something with a bit of a simmer to it, a mild wash and not as bright as the brilliant ride I have - but I still need to be able to crash it. Bell doesn't have to be super but I do need it to stand out a bit. The transition ride for example is not for me.
Regarding the extra dry ride, I have some doubts on whether it would still be audible, going by this example. I'm not totally opposed to having 2 rides, but I would prefer not to. Should I just stick to my current ride? The price difference is not an issue as I found the 22" on a big sale.

I am also open to other suggestions. Maybe something like a sand ride would be more appropriate?
I tried the vintage pure light and I liked the stick definition but I found the sustain to be just too much. It sounded a lot better on a mic'd kit when listening to samples online, but in person it sounded like this

I'm in the same boat as you. Looking for a new ride. I've been looking into the Byzance Vintage Sand ride, or the Byzance Raw Bell Dark ride and the Byzance Jazz Medium ride, all in 22". From what I have herd online (no music store here carries these cymbals) it is a hard choice. Give these a listen on YT, they're uploaded by Meinl.


I've listened to the samples from meinl and also tried the cymbal at the store. By itself it's great, I just don't know how the cymbal would behave in a mix (unless directly mic'd). The one example I pasted above was not very promising, but it might just have been a bad mix - a bit doubtful though since this was from the Meinl drum festival.

And as I said the samples from Meinl sound a lot different than what you hear in person and it represents a properly mic'd kit. Thomann's sample is much more representative of actually listening to the cymbal itself.


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The sand ride is probably closer to what you are looking for compared to the extra dry. I really like both cymbals, but find that the sand ride works better in more musicals situations. While rides like the vintage pure and extra dry sound fantastic, they are very niche sounds that dont necessarily work in all musical situations.
While the 22" vintage pure light ride is my favorite sounding ride cymbal of all time, I find myself switching to the sand ride most of the time because of its versatility and its ability to cut through in live situations.