Meinl Byzance Dark hi hats


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I saw and tried a set of used 13 inch Meinl Byzance Dark hi hats at local music store. They have a great “chick” sound, very articulate stick definition and look and feel terrific. They seem somewhat loud and earthy when open. My question is: in what genre would these fit best? I really dig them but am nervous they might be too loud for jazz and/or too dry for rock. They’re not going to be as versatile as my New Beats (am looking for something different than them anyway to add to my collection) but are they useable for different types of music or are they too one dimensional? Any comments on those who have tried or own these would be welcome! Thanks.
I would say they are too one dimensional. But, then I listen to what Matt Garstka does in metal or Robert 'Sput' Searight does in funk/jazz or Chris Coleman does in everything and realize why I'm wrong.
If you like them, get them and MAKE them sound good. Most people who hire you will care more about how you hit than what you hit.


I own the 13" Byzance Dark hats and I've really enjoyed them. I think they're perfectly at home for any mid - loud, rock/fusion/country genre. Especially live, they'll cut through the mix with no problem. For jazz or low volume applications I'd think there's other options but it's whatever your ears fancy. Check out the Avedis line if you can. I picked up a pair of Avedis 14" hats and I'd think they're very versatile, well rounded and can be used for just about any situation.
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Thanks guys. Does anyone think the Byzance Dark hats are different enough from the New Beats to make buying them a worthwhile purchase? I know the New Beats are very versatile, but based on the responses, it seems the Byzance Dark would be useful for different genres as well. They sound different enough to me, but I want a set of hats that would complement the New Beats as opposed to sounding (or being) too similar. Thoughts?

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I have a pair of Meinl Byzance Dark hats in 13”.

These are medium heavy and do have a diverse dynamic range. They seem to fit with anything I use them for.

The sound is complex but not too specific, and will fit well with many other cymbals I have.

I can go from playing these alongside a Meinl 22” Mb20 Heavy Crash in a very aggressive metal setting to alongside a Meinl 20” Jazz Tradition Light Ride (very thin, quiet and delicate sounding ride) in a quiet and controlled setting and they will be versatile enough to fit in both playing situations.


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Thanks for the reply. Good to know the Byzance Dark can be used in different situations. I think I prefer the darker tones to my brighter New Beats and other Zil A cymbals. Which brings me to this quandary....

I went to another store and tried out some Dream Bliss hi hats. Never tried them out before but heard good things. Anyway, they sounded really good, they’re dark sounding but light cymbals. Price can’t be beat for a pair of new ones too. So now what? I can’t get the Dream AND the Meinl. Any thoughts on which to get? They’re both dark, but the Meinl are heavier and would probably last longer (I’m not a heavy hitter). The Dream sound great and are less expensive. Other option is (gasp!) trade in my New Beats and other Zil A cymbals (18” crash and 21” sweet ride) for a whole set of Dream cymbals and get the Meinl later. Biggest worries there are: 1. I’d miss my Zils at some point since they’re do-everything cymbals and 2. I’d find the Dream and Byzance too similar in sound. Help!!!


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Bue the Dream hihats - keep the Zildjian set for general purpose. Dream have very little resale value so if you find one you like for the sound buy it with the intention of keeping it.