Meinl Byzance dark hi hat problem.

I have a pair of Meinl Byzance 15" dark hi hats and they just don't sit level in the stand or in the clutch. as the cymbals rotate they always sit at a different angle. must be a hole location issue or bell shape. my first top cymbal you could actually see the hole was off center. they sound good, but this drives me crazy. I feel like its too much money to accept this condition.
1. has anyone seen this issue with a pair of hats? I haven't.
2. would you be ok with this?
i think they are going back to the shop, hope i can get another pair that are good. i really like these hats.


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I would not be ok with this.
I would return those hats or at least get back to that store and inform them and ask for returning those heads. Some tiny hole offset might be tolerable but once it gets annoying - no way. It depends on the muso - some would accept this or not care too much about it, I would. It would be frustrating for me to know I have hi-end equipment but there's some very obvious flaw to them.


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That's like buying a Ferrari with scratches on it. Take it back and get some that are in pristine condition!


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So the ones that you have now has an off-center hole? You said "first top cymbal" so I'm not sure if that means you've had a previous set. Anyways, outside of perhaps a clutch tightness issue, this sounds like a problem for Meinl's customer service. Hopefully they'll take care of you.