Meeting Herbie Hancock and Vinnie Colaiuta, and...



AHHHHHH I HATE YOU!!!! lol that's epic!! i saw antonio sanchez with chick corea in dallas last year. i got him to sign a 12'' coated ambassador and we talked for like 20 mins straight, he complimented my spanish and wished me happy amazing. what was vinnie like?


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Vinnie was a very quiet guy. I actually waited outside the stage door that afternoon (for 2 and a half hours) for the band to come in. When they finally got there I introduced myself and Vinnie said he would rather not sign the head, so I left somewhat dejectedly. But when I bought my ticket to the show, the artist relations guy happened to be standing right behind the person taking my ticket, and when I mentioned I was interested in trying to get an autograph, he had my write down my name and number and gave me a call telling me I could get in backstage. So after the show I go backstage and hang with Vinnie for a while. He was again, pretty quiet. Didn't seem to have much to say. Then Herbie comes in and everything lightens up a little. I ask Herbie to sign the head and he asks why I don't get Vinnie to sign it. I try to explain, but before I do Vinnie pipes up and says that if Herbie signs it, he will too. So lo and behold, I get both of their autographs, then go outside and get the bass player, James Genus's autograph.

I ran out of questions for Vinnie pretty quickly, as he wasn't too interested in saying much. I asked him if he had any advice for a young drummer (cliche, I know) and he kind of shrugged, so I said "practice more?" and he said "Practice GOOD". There's the idea.