Medium vs. Heavy duty hardware


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I do hit hard but quality middle weight stuff should be plenty sturdy.
I have Sonor 400 Series hardware and short of someone running into them full speed, they aint goin nowhere.

I did have a grip of Pearl 900 Series hardware and they were full on overkill (counter weights, super booms, heave tubing...etc) If someone ran into those babies full speed, they would be taking a trip straight to the

Alot of the time I had to move all my own gear. I used to be exhausted halfway through a set during a gig and I hated that becauce I thought my playing was compromised. It didnt make me play sloppy, It just made me have to cut out some of the harder licks that I normally played.

I had a giant kit and before a gig we would reherse the Set, break down, load up, unload, set up, sound check, partial tear down, set up, play the set, tear down, load up, unload and sometimes set up again (if I didnt want to do it later).

Nothing most of us are not used to but if I had had lighter gear, life would have been so much easier and I probably would have enjoyed playing out more. Thats way worth getting lighter stuff IMO.


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I recently put my kit on a diet from a DW 5700 to 7700 series cymbal boom stand. I'm impressed with the sturdiness/weight ratio. However, I am still sitting on a 9101 throne and hitting a 5000 series pedal. I now like using lighter weight hardware.