measures and blasting


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I'm new to seriously drumming and I'm trying to conquer blast beats. I was wondering, how many 4/4 bars or measures of a given beat would you have to be able to play flawlessly in order to say you could "do" that beat...

For instance, I can do between 16-20 bars I guess of a 180bpm alternating kick drum "blast" beat, like an old school morbid angel or black metal blast beat sound, except I alternate 8th note kicks.... then I fall off tempo a bit, then I try again.

Is that fast enough to be considered a blast beat?

I did a search but I couldn't find a quick easy answer to this one....metal guys, let me know!


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I think it could definently be considered a blast beat, but then again thats only my opinion, i have a feeling someone will disagree with me :|


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the blastbeat originated in jazz and no matter how slow you play it, its still considered a blastbeat. also on a side note make sure you practice you blasts one footed belive me it will help with faster speeds in double kicking later on.