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This is a question that can likely be answered outside of the world of drums, but I know I'll get the right answer from y'all.

When measuring the length of a tension rod, should you measure the entire length of the rod? From under the head to the end of the shaft? Or just the threaded portion?

I'm replacing some Pearl tension rods and want to make sure my rods are uniform.


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One answer from a search

Bag of 12 Tension Rods - 2" length. This rod measurement is from one end to the other INCLUDING the head!! If you need a full 2" of thread, please purchase the next size up....

another answer:
Drum tension rod with metal washer, measures 1 1/8" or 30mm from the shoulder of the head (including washer) to the end. They have a #12-24 thread and are 7/32" diameter.

Stainless steel drum tension rod, measures 1 3/32" or 28mm from the shoulder of the head to the end. They have a #12-24 thread and are...


The place I ordered them from stated that their rod lengths were measured from the tip of the threaded end of the rod to the flat grommet that lays on top of the washer/hoop. Might be worth it to ask the supplier how they measure their rods.


Not sure about drum tension rods specifically, but in general a bolt is measured from under the head to the end.