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You're on your way.

I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine. His name is Mr. Metronome. He wants to be your friend too.


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Work on your groove mate....first and foremost. Develop solid feel, solid timing and solid groove...,,this aspect of drumming is paramount. The rest (fast singles et al), is just filler....and next to useless to you if you can't groove. Grab a click, or play along to some music and work on your time keeping and delivering a solid foundation for the rest of the band. Add the flash later, once the basic prinicples have been developed.

Most importantly, keep at it my friend!!


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Metronome, drum tuning. The floor tom is terrible. And when you play something like that have an idea where you are going. To me it is just random banging.
Tune you're toms and get better cymbals.
I notice allot of the stuff you are doing is stuff I used to do and still do though not as often.
I could be off here buy you seem to be solely concentrated on playing as fast as you can.
Concentrate on simple beats & later on down the road add fills,ect when you're ready right now it looks to forced.


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I hear some glimpses of one bad MO FO in there. I'll say it again, practice keeping time with a metronome or better yet (and more fun) play along to your favorite songs with an Ipod. Most important, NOT TO LOUD with the headphones. Closed ones might be the ticket. Second most important, HAVE FUN!


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I hear a young player who is on his way to being better but needs to sit down and learn some fundamentals.

Take Ken's suggestion to heart and get yourself a good metronome. Work with it everyday.

Your fills need to be in time, at the moment they're not. You have some nice ideas but you need to work on building fluidity and seamlessness between your fills and beats.

I am sure there are some great teachers in the Atlanta area that could help you get on track and work with you on all aspects of becoming a fine player (balance, rudiments, proper stick grip, sight-reading, dynamics, developing touch response, etc.)

Good Luck and have fun!
Thanks everybody for the constructive comments! I do have an ipod and I think that they have an metromone on it. I'll see tonight. So everybody is saying that I should slow down and work on slow beats. I didnt know that some of the beats i did were mainly filler? But thx


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You can get an free application to download a metronome on your IPod. Go to the Apple store and search the apps. It will really help take your playing to the next step. It can't drive you to Boston; but will help you learn how to drive a band.

I would also recommend finding a qualified teacher, and if you're not already doing so, enroll in your school music program.

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I think there are some cool ideas going on in your head. You may work on your consistent time and groove, and also try to be concious about form. Meaning instead of randomly switch from idea to idea, organize it, like in a song.
Also, I'd try to set up my drumset as ergonomically as possible. Set everything within easy reach, especially the cymbals. But then I only see your kit from the camera angle, may be unproportional.

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Your parents relationship with the neighbours could be under threat. Get some lessons and learn not to bash every hit.