Max Weinberg

Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, he just didn't like you. Or had a bad day. You seem to like saying stuff like " Lets just say" then being horrible about someone most of us will never meet and who have no way of answering your accusations without seeming unprofessional. Which for a pro in your position seems kinda seedy.
All I said to Max was, "Hello Max, how are you? I grew up in Bloomfield, a few towns away from you." I got an attitude in response.

I don't think that's seedy.
Telling everyone about it is. Again, you never had a bad day? You had no idea what was going on in his life but you see a page for MW some time later and decide everyone on here needs to know he was rude to you. Maybe he was sick of people that day, maybe your personal hygiene sucked, maybe his dog had died, but you gotta hold a grudge.
Not a pro attitude man IMO but you do you. Freeish country and all that.
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I just PM'd you. If after reading it, you still think I was wrong, then use the Ignore feature and I'll do the same, OK?