Max Weinberg Kit Specs?

Does anyone here know the specifics of Max's DW kit that he uses on the road with the E Street Band?

I saw him live monday night, and the kit is absolutely gorgeous...



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Max uses and has used the same set up for so long. His Late Night kit is a Collectors 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 and a 14x6 Edge snare. He has also used the same cymbal set up for just as long.

Zildjians with 14 A Mastersounds, 21 A Rock ride, 18 and 19 medium and medium thin.

Was he playing his WMP kit?
Thanks. I believe his late night kit is different from the kit he takes on the road with Springsteen, though. Was also curious about the heads he uses. What does WMP stand for?


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WMP is white marine pearl.

I figure he's got several kits in those sizes but I just read last week about his kit specs and cymbals so it's funny that you asked.