Matt Chamberlain's "Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat" Story;)


Humanizing story from a masterful drummer. Transcribed from DrumChannel's latest roundtable discussion.

Matt Chamberlain, "I remember the first time I did a "session" I couldn't play this beat. I was just trying to go: Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat / Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat for the whole song but it came out like this: Boom------------Bat-Boom----Boom----------Bat / BoomBat--------Boom-BoomBat. And I was like I am loosing my mind!!

You know I was like after years of Flambuzzadiddle swiss-dragachudda inverted cheesy taps I couldn't play Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat in the studio!! The hi-hat was speeding up, no slowing down, no speeding up, no slowing down. Now the snare. I am not hitting in the right spot. Everything was out of time!! I lost my mind. I played that beat for like 8 hours until the producer was like "Humm. I don't know man. Huh." And we're doing it to a click and I was like is the click speeding up?? It was like a nightmare.

And so I slept for like 4 hours and I got up and practiced that beat: Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat / Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat and I was like man this is so easy what's wrong with me? How come I can't do this? And so I realized I was just hitting way to hard. I was being obviously very nervous. I was like I need to breathe. Remember this is music. I am not building a house. It is not life and death. You have got to remember to breathe because most people are breathing when their playing their instruments. Especially horn players I don't remember how it worked itself out I just remember it being my first recording experience and it was horrible. It was not good. It made me want to practice and master Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat / Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat and make it feel really good.

Indeed we are all just human. Hope you enjoyed;)
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I think we've all had nights like that. For me as well, I usually just need sleep and re-charge. There's a point where all my limbs just don't listen.


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That's such a good story to hear. I've been a huge Matt Chamberlain fan over the last almost 10 years and spent so much time trying to figure out how he made these beats feel SO good. After a certain point you come to understand that it's a matter of time, patience, practice and experience and probably a couple others depending on everybody's situation. I guess the breathing issue is very important too.

I kind of stopped wondering how to be that good, now I'm more into trying to be the best I can instead. And its paying a lot more!!


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Matt Chamberlain, "You know I was like after years of Flambuzzadiddle swiss-dragachudda inverted cheesy taps I couldn't play Boom-Bat-Boom-Boom-Bat in the studio!!"
This ties right into the discussion about practicing chops and grooving. It backs up my assertion that they are intertwined, but not exactly one-and-the-same. You gotta work at both.