Matt Cameron


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I'm one of those guys who'd be really happy to see a Soundgarden reunion, so you get the picture up front.
Let me just say that Superunknown remains an album that I go back to time and again, for reasons much to do with MC.
I love his work with Soundgarden. I have listened to his work with Pearl Jam, but never on a sustained basis. I don't like the new PJ sound, with or without Matt. So...


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Great drummer and a nice guy. His work with Soundgarden is some of the best rock drumming out there IMO.


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Just finished listening to Superunknown.....its a shame he s with P.J. now, I mean good for him, but where's the Matt we grew to love, with the mind-bending tempos, and the furious licks that separated him from the other "drummers"?
Hope he is enjoying his time, if not then its just a shame.....I miss Soundgarden, Dammit!


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Been learning "Mind Riot" all evening.

Did you know he counts 3's on the hi-hats before opening (half beat), and counts 4's on the rest of the drums during the verse? Just wow...


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Well, if you need a quick SG fix, er... go to youtube and enter in TADgarden. They played a reunion show (of sorts) sans Cornell a couple months back. TAD handled the vocals (hence the name) and Tom Morello played guitar. It's pretty hilarious, but in a good way.
Matt Cameron is probably one of my favourite drummers, if not my favourite! And we have a days difference of a birthday! That's pretty rad I must say.

I remember hearing Rusty Cage once and I was like "That drumming is pretty sick!" and bought the album, also researched more about him. He is not only a good influence on drums, but also a good influence as a person! Such a nice guy. Just wish I could play like him. :(


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One of my favorite drummers ever and a huge influence of mine, not that I can play anything like him! :) Love his playing on Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger and Superunknown. Great drum sounds, performance, musicality, aggression, and creativity in a rock setting. His playing is so tight, yet he grooves through odd times so well.


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The only exposure I have from Matt Cameron is on Geddy Lee's "My Favorite Headache" CD, which is just amazing. It's one of the best headphone albums I own. The production is massive and deep.

His feel is way different than Neil Peart's though. :)