Master of Puppets with St Anger snare

As much as I hate that snare sound, I understand their thinking behind it. They wanted to make a raw, garage quality recording. Although I've been in a ton of garage bands and my steel snare never sounded like that.


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That snare sound is aweful!

Next thing you know Lars will try and sue the guy for messing with one of their songs LOL!!


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The edited version could have been worse IMO ;) I would like to hear one of these videos with the snare from The Human Abstract's Digital Veil. One of the worst I've heard. The drums do sound like they were recorded in a garage... and badly, too.


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I just can't figure out what would possess someone to take the time to make this.

Although, I still can't figure out what Metallica were thinking when they made St Anger. I'd still like to get a refund for my album purchase.