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Hi Folks,

Mary asked me to make contact on her behalf as she can't post to the forum currently- she can't remember her password and hasn't been able to reset it- mods, if you can help she would be grateful. There was a post that she made me aware of Mary O APB; I can't find it but it may have gone in the great Forum Crash of 2014...

I can report she is alive and well and still living in Cincinatti. with a new car, new job and the same outlook on life. I think she'll be back real soon, or as soon as someone can sort out her login issues anyhow...


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Thanks for the update.

Mary has a lot to answer for - one of my main motivations for signing up was to be able to comment on and monitor her progress towards her first gig as a drummer.
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Yes thanks Iain. I wasn't expecting to actually hear from her but it's looking good. I'd love to hear from her. Iain, if you talk to her, tell her I, and a lot of others, miss her and miss her. The place just isn't the same. Please. Thank you sir.


I'm here, I'm here!!!!! I had to get a new account so this is MaryO, the next chapter :) I can't tell everyone how flattered I was to hear that you were still thinking about me. I guess I should have come back sooner but while my love for all things drumming hasn't changed, I really have focused solely on my singing and trying to get a new band together (oh the trials and tribulations!) and I wasn't sure you'd still want a mostly non-drummer amongst your

Let's see, what's going on? Well, Iain pretty well summed things up, singing, new car, new job, same attitude. As for the's going pretty well. We FINALLY, after almost a year of try outs, stops and starts, and the like have a band together. We've settled on a 4 piece band, myself doing lead vocals and some minor percussion here and there, tamborines, shakers, etc..., my boyfriend on bass, a guitar player, and a really great drummer. He even pulls in my rototoms for use at Our band is Vinyl Notice and we are focusing on mostly 70s and 80s rock. Lots of Bad Company, Pretenders, Beatles, Stones and the like. We haven't gigged as a unit yet but hope to be out in early Spring. I've done some karaoke nights and the like to get used to singing in front of others. I think it's really going well.

The drums? Well I still love them but I don't play as often as I should. I did stop lessons, I just don't feel that the teacher was getting me in the direction I wanted to go and I wasn't progressing. You know that was always my thing...he wanted to teach all rudiments (important, yes) but we never really worked on songs or how to transfer that knowledge to real-world usage if that makes sense. I really do hope to find another teacher in the future and get back to it, though. Drums will always be my first musical love and hold a special place in my heart. However, singing has come more naturally and I think, in a band situation, it's where I belong.

So.....that' enough for you???? Didn't mean to write an encyclopedia! I can't wait to hear back from all of you and see what's been happening here.

Love to all....MaryO2.


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Welcome home, Mary! It sounds as if things have worked out well for you, which is great to hear.

I get what you mean about singing being where you belong, but to me you'll always be a drummer as well as a singer.


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I wasn't sure you'd still want a mostly non-drummer amongst your
It's ok Mary, the place is already full of 'em!!!!

Great to have you back here Mary :) It doesn't matter if you're a gobist or bin basher, you're super welcome, & I know many are interested in your journey, whatever direction that may take you :)


Thanks Magenta and KIS! What a nice welcome 'home'. Looks like most of the old crew is still here...can't wait to jump back into the midst of things. I have to say, I've never found another forum (on any topic) that I enjoy as much as this one.


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Mary! Great to see you. Nothing much to contribute other than to say I'm glad things are going well and that you've found a musical vehicle to express your talents in!

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Jeez Mary... it's about time you show up... I did bought you ice cream... but it's all melted now :)

Mary's back, everything in the (Drummer)world is fine once again...

Welcome back my friend, glad to hear everything's fine, we missed you :)


Jeez Mary... it's about time you show up... I did bought you ice cream... but it's all melted now

Gotta straw???? <hugs> to you MAD


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Hi MaryO2 (ha ha):

it sounds like you still have those Cranberry Red Stage Customs, but that someone else is rockin' them now - that about right?

Got any pics or videos of the new band?


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Vinyl Notice - clever.

I've still got my Cranberry Red 5 piece, but the red Bop kit is history.

I don't think you should give up on the drums completely.
Being in a band, you're going to be a lot more in the limelight as a singer.
Drummers are usually a bit more behind the scenes.
But if singing comes more naturally for you, or just feels more right, then that's the place you should be.


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Great to hear from you girl.I'm happy all is well,and glad you'll be contributing here again.That music is right up your alley and your voice suits it perfectly.Welcome home>:)

Steve B