Mark Guiliana


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Mark's a stunning drummer. I encourage you all to check out his work with Avishai Cohen, especially on the Continuo and Gently Disturbed albums. Phenomenal stuff.


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His playing on the Avishai Cohen Trio album At Home is also stellar. There are seemingly impossible things happening in some of those songs. I saw them play many of those songs on tour for that album, and he did all the impossible stuff live. Still not sure how. He is on a different level, especially with independence. Also he said in the MD interview that his hi hats were $10 at a garage sale. ;). Gives a bit of a different tone.


Hey Numberless. How did you get hold of that album. Ive searched the net and cant find anywhere to buy it? Cheers


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Yeah, I bought it at that site for five bucks. It's a minialbum with six songs, it feels almost like a mixtape, it's completely worth it though.


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I don't get this cat, nor the people who enjoy his playing. Extremely verbose, spastic groove that doesn't feel good at all, random phrases that make little sense, always on top of the beat. He sounds exactly like someone who'd like to outplay an electronic percussion track. It sounds forced and "tryhard".

To me he's a discount Chris Dave. But then again I'm a nobody so it's not like it matters.