Mark Guiliana on Bowie's Blackstar

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Huge fan of this album. I can't get enough of that groove on Girl Loves Me. It's damn fine playing!


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Geeeeeez-ussss !

Guiliana's playing on Blackstar is the most inspiring drum part I have heard in the last 15 years. Listen to it, for all that is sacred. All of it.

Listen to the thing, have a great evening !
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Bought it the day it came out and absolutely love it! Great playing all round and Bowie really sounded in good form. Mark's approach is very interesting to me. Kind of a JoJo Mayer, "human replacing machine" style. I like it a lot.

Check out "Mehliana - Taming the Dragon" too. Great stuff.


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Yes, also reminds me some of JoJo's "electronic sounding acoustic" drumming and definitely a drum & bass vibe on some tracks. I love the undercurrents he creates and the things I feel in response to them. Some tracks feel "relentless" to me, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. While there's a lot of very cool technical stuff happening, it's the emotional impact of his playing that gets me. This cat SHOWS UP and gets it done.