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This dude is bad! He is the Grandson of Roy Haynes. We should be hearing a lot more from this young guy in the future...i got to see/hear him at the Charlie Parker Festival of 07 I think? God! My memory sucks! lol! I particularly love this video where you can't see him but the tune and the playing is awesome....Be patient, it slowly builds...
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Re: Marcus Gilmore Roy Haynes Grandson

He plays some pretty wild stuff on Vijay Iyers records. Great player. And he's like 21.


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Yes Sir, Marcus Gilmore is another one of those terrible infants..( or however one say that in French )


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Here is on another planet...there are no words to describe how he play, simply beautiful, an immense taste and musical sensitivity.
I played with him just few minutes before this concert during the sound check while the "official" bassist was hearing (i play double bass and Scott Colley is playing here my double bass) and.... he projected me in another dimension. Really, i was feeling like i was lifting. Will never happen again with nobody i'm sure, this guy have something really special. His sound....mamma mia!


I don't know how it's possible....but this is the only thread about the great Marcus Gilmore? This guy makes history almost every time he plays the drums.

This thread needs some of his best videos...enjoy!

Chick Corea Vigilette Trio Live @ Scullers (Boston 2019)

Here a serie of improvised broken beats during his 2 shows @ Blue Note NYC in October 2018 with Taylor Mcferrin and Big Yuki:

This is one of my favorite Marcus Gilmore solos EVER, so much musicality mixed with technique and fantasy in such a small time space

Marcus Gillmore drum solo (Chris Potter Quartet)

with Avishai Cohen

drum solo with Chick Corea @ Blue Note Hawaii

other dope drum solos:

with Taylor Mcferrin:

Taylor McFerrin - LIVE @ TAICOCLUB'16

Live At Winter Jazz Fest New York 2015 (full show)
Taylor McFerrin & Marcus Gilmore "Improv/Decisions" Live @ Bello Bar, Dublin

Taylor McFerrin & Marcus Gilmore LIVE @ BRAINFEEDER 4 TOKYO

With Robert Glasper & Friends @ Sxsw 2017

Thank-you so much for this !


Quick question : did Marcus Gilmore sign with Sonor recently ? Can't seem to find any info on it, but recently you mainly see him play Sonor drums...


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Quick question : did Marcus Gilmore sign with Sonor recently ? Can't seem to find any info on it, but recently you mainly see him play Sonor drums...

He just did a feature with MD on a Craviotto. I have no idea what he endorses. I'm not sure it matters. lol


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I can't think of a more creative drummer working today. He is the complete package. He's got the swing, the groove, the funk, the world music. And he's incorporated all of it into his playing. One could easily term him, The Drummer of the World. Gilmore's grandpa was among the most innovative drummers of his day, and still playing in his mid-90s. I watched "Soul" the other night on the Disney Channel. In the credits I saw that both Marcus and Roy worked on the music of the film. And the music is killin'! Gilmore offer hope that innovation in music can continue, despite the poor arts atmosphere at present.
Marcus is already at the same level of the legends (if not better).
His performances with Zakir Hussain and his Masters Of Percussion tour this summer were mind blowing: