Marching Snare Parts... mostly Yamaha


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Hi all, I'm a noob here! I recently acquired 11 marching drums in various states of disrepair (see pics). From what I can tell there are 4 Yamaha SFZs, 2 Yamaha CustomCorps, another indeterminate Yamaha, and 4 other unmarked shells (although I think the all-metal one is a Ludwig). I'd like to salvage at least 1 SFZ, and perhaps a CustomCorp. The rest I'll sell off as parts or perhaps do some funky project with them. (I'm sure my wife will find something on Pinterest).

Where is the best place to find used or cheap parts? I know I'll need heads and snares, probably lugs, and most definitely a harness.
Any suggestions are really appreciated!



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I would tell you to call the guys at Columbus Pro Percussion...being a "regular" in their parts room for my own program, I would imagine they could probably get a lot of what you need