Marching Band reunion


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As high school reunions go, this was pretty good! Saturday evening the wife and I went to my high school marching band reunion. It was for the folks who were in marching band and graduated from high school between 1979 - 1983. Imma dating myself here and can honestly be called an "old fart". (I even feel like an old fart....)

I was in marching band from 1976 - 1979 and had a blast. I played anyting from tenor drum, to bass drum, to snare drum. Somehow I missed the trios and quads though. Of course, Ludwig equipment all the way. That's back in the day when the corps style of marching was just taking hold for marching bands in the southwest. We even had a flag corps. Nowadays it's called "color guards". Up until then, the bands just marched up and down the fields. Most of the chicks in color guards were what us drummes called "hot" and jumped at the chance to march next to anyone of them. LOL (Dating a few of these color guard girls I can honesly say I had a "colorful" good time. Haha!)

Anyway, back to the story: We met at a popular local pizzaria where the beer and wine flowed freely. Man, it was a blast running into some of these people I haven't seen for over 30 years! And of course, as local custom has it, we invited our old band director to come and celebrate. He's now the superintendant of a neighboring school district. As a token of our appreciation and to show we still adored him, EVERYONE had their class picure taken with him. He still brought down the house and mixed and mingled with everyone, as he did when he taught us. And as always happens, once everyone gets alcohol in them, the party kicks up a notch or two. Past marching band stories were told and laughed at again all these years later. Past marching band romances were brought up and thoroughly discussed and analyzed, and discriptions were still fresh in everyone's mind all these years later and what all happened on Friday nights AFTER the football games.

And the best part, of course, all the drummers in attendance gathered together to see who was still playing, in what bands, with whom, what brand kits they use, etc.

But alas, we are all much older and can't drink nearly as much as we used to, and being mature adults, nobody got thrown into a swimming pool, nobody went outside to "hook up" in the parking lot, and the cops weren't called for our rowdy behavior and loud music. LO'L

In all, it was a great time seeing everyone!