Maple Shelled Sonor Safari/ Bop


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Ok, so I'm just wondering if anyone has scooped one of these maple versions up yet? I got the "select hardwoods" bop version when they were first introduced and I'm curious to see if there are any notable differences....


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Not sure that there is such a thing. Sonor edited it's web site and removed the Maple descriptor at some point, might've just been an error.


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Thanks for the responses! I noticed the website no longer listed it as "maple" so I wasn't sure. I was wondering how they would switch to maple wihtout affecting the $$....

Thanks again!


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It says "maple" in the link, but if you click on the description, it says "basswood". Peace and goodwill.

Oops - didn't notice that.

I don't think it would make all that much of a difference. Nice that the sets are still available though.


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I will post some pictures and a review in a week. Mine came with a few nicks in the bass drum from shipping so they gave me a refund I felt was fair. I fixed it easy with some wood filler and sand paper.

I will use Evans G1 or G2's from my drum head experiment. Its a great kit for small gigs anf when I dont want to worry about anything happening to my nice kit.


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Sounds good; looking forward to the pics. When mine arrived it was missing the bass drum Easy enough to fix but I called the store and the sonor rep sent me heads asap. Such great service (even on a $300 set)!