Maple Drum Shells: which maple variety is used?


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I came across a publication the lists the native varieties of maple in the US. Does anyone know which maple is used in drum shells? Norway maple is considered naturalized although it was originally introduced.

Maple varieties in the United States

Bigleaf Acer macrophyllum
Black Acer nigrum
Canyon Acer grandidentatum
Chalk Acer leucoderme
Florida Acer barbatum
Mountain Acer spicatum
Norway Acer platanoidesr
Red Acer rubrum
Rocky Mountain Acer glabrum
Silver Acer saccarinium
Striped Acer pensylvanicum
Sugar Acer saccharum
Vine Acer circinatum
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My 9 ply shell Bop kit by Peace are made out of Canadian rock maple. The same Canadian rock maple used to make some of my favorite Canadian made sticks too I might add.

Seems to be one of the most popular choices for maple especially in ply type drum shell construction for its clarity and warmth of tone by several drum makers out there.


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Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple)
Looks like: black maple - red maple - Norway maple - Florida maple


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Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple)
Looks like: black maple - red maple - Norway maple - Florida maple
Yes i'm no wood expert with the names but I believe Canadian sugar maple= Canadian rock maple Johnny. Canadian rock maple is the common moniker the drum industry uses for it i've seen over the last 30 years or so.


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Good question.

While rock maple is common term, I've often wondered if there was just one kind of tree most drum users use, or if different companies use different trees, or if some just use different types depending on what's available.


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Not silver maple,that is almost a trash tree in has got to be a lot softer,they are messy as hell.I think most of the maple used is from the upper or northern U.S and Canada,slower growth and tighter grain.


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Thanks for the interesting responses. I heard "rock maple" before I came upon the list, I just found sugar maple on Wikipedia where they infer that the term "Canadian Hardrock maple" is the same as sugar maple. Seems to be the most dense of the maples

Googled canadian hardrock and several uses....guitar necks, skate boards, flooring.