Mapex Thrones less then average???


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I did a review on a Mapex drum Throne for my Youtube channel a few weeks ago, and as great as it looked, it had a major problem in stability, there was a constant wobble from day one. A few people were saying I was being a bit harsh, but as I've been asking around on forums I've had many people agree with me..Has anyone else found Mapex thrones / overall hardware below average???
Mapex Throne Review


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I've had a Mapex drum stool for years now (5 or more?) and apart from slight wobble due to the seat itself moving as the screw on it loosens the actual base is as solid as a rock.


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I have used lots of Mapex hardware but not a throne. But the cymbal stands, snare stands, hi-hats, and bass drum pedals I have used have all been very durable. Peace and goodwill.


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Never had a problem with my Mapex throne. I've had it since Mapex first came to the US (twenty years ago?), And it's just as solid as the day I bought it. Same with the couple of hd cymbal stands I bought back then.



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I've got 2 of the Mapex tractor style stools - one for 4 years the other for 3. Not had a problem with them.


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I´ve had mine for 25 years and it´s still going strong. Was the cheapest, most lightweight model they had back then. No issues at all, and it´s being used almost every day.
Might very well be a case of "they don´t make them like they used to anymore"...