Mapex Saturn


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After years I want to start playing drums again, I went looking for an affordable second-hand kit. I chose this one but I can't decide if it will be ok. is, I can hardly find any info about that. Is there anyone who knows this kit and who is better than average. Will be used for light music and also a bit of jazz.
Sorry for the bad english. Thanks for the info



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I agree, it's a Saturn III, and considering that set includes hardware and cymbals I think it's a great deal and should suit your needs well.


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All the Saturn kits - except for the first series Saturn Pro - are great drum sets. You're going to love them.


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I'll go out on a limb here and say it's the tone that the 2 inner plies of walnut add that make Saturns so desirable.

I think we should send Sticks a formal apology from the forum. He was spot on about the Saturns.

If Mapex sprayed some silver sealer inside of their Saturn shells...I think my head would explode.

Walnut and maple in the same shell could be my favorite combinations of ply shell layups.

Walnut has great low end...and also very clear high end. A dark and decadently rich, yet crisp tone. I love walnut for all drum shells.