Mapex Saturn V Hoops Not Straight


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Hi i was wondering how much acceptable drum hoops needs to be straigh when making them rock on a flat surface?

Mines from the brand new Saturn V i got are kinda wobbly when its on a glass flat surface, some areas its flat but half of areas are not flat when i turn around the hoop on the glass. I seem to be able to tune them with tunebot but the drumdial has a hard time because there is always 1 lug going so loose that i can not loosen it more but drumdual tells me to loose it more. Also the bearing edges looks good but there is a very small 1mm gap when i put a light inside the shells and look around while turning it.

Should i return all the hoops for better ones more straight? I fear i will just loose time because they will ship me back about the same accuracy, same for the bearing edges, i already waited long time for this kit to arrive here but i need to know if all is just fine or might cause problems because already drumdial is really hard to use with them as i explained and also there was missing washers for the 8" tom near the clamp that hold into the tomholder arm and many tension rods were so thight i had to replace 2 of them because they just wouldnt be able to screw back in and others were fine but i had to screw and unscrew 10 times some of theses screws to make them enter smoothly.

Here's a video:



if it's brand new, there's no excuse for that bad QA from Mapex. They should swap it out and make it right.

David Hunter

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Uneven floor might be the culprit, as TJK stated. But if the hoop is in fact bent, it's pretty easy to straighten them out. Just place the hoop halfway off a table edge and hold one side steady on the table with your palm. Then apply light to moderate pressure downward on the other side with your other palm. Keep testing it for flatness. You'll get it true again.