Mapex Saturn V 5 pc for CHEAP !!


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Hey T,

Last time you posted something like this, they showed up at your door a few days later. Since you just made room for another set.... :)

Too bad something like that didn't show up last year, or I may have been a happy Saturn owner right now. Great sizes too. NEED another set!


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I think challenging is a great description of the color but I think it may grow on me as being different and not run of the mill.

The only issue is the description says black chrome and what is pictured seems to be just chrome.

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if you plan on buying it you could have it shipped directly to some one who could re wrap it and then have it shipped to you when it's done.


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I own a Saturn V kit, so I am predisposed to think well of them, and that is indeed an excellent price. But we listen with our eyes as well as our ears, and to my eyes that kit doesn't sound as good as some of the other finishes.

But tastes vary...I started out nursing a boner for an Armory kit in Photon Blue, while the Magma Red seemed to be a more popular option around here.

At least the Mapex kit doesn't have DW's ugly lugs...

Ducks and runs for cover...


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I'll refrain from posting deals that any members might not appreciate. Mod you can delete this thread if you want. My account too.

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Naw, don't do that. I think it's a pretty cool look. I saw a documentary on Ginger Baker Friday and in a few scenes he was playing a kit with a blue swirl satin wrap. I think this Saturn kit looks way better. And the price is killer. I'm a big Saturn fan now. I have been playing a new Saturn V 3 piece for a few weeks now I scored on sale for $899 in WMP. There are some 3 piece red finish Saturn V for only $699. Now seems the time to buy a Saturn V.

Thanks for this thread, T_Weaves!

I'll refrain from posting deals that any members might not appreciate. Mod you can delete this thread if you want. My account too.


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I must be the only one who thinks they are pretty cool looking. I’ve seen them in person and that finish has way more depth than in pics. Would make a killer set under lights too.


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I'll refrain from posting deals that any members might not appreciate. Mod you can delete this thread if you want. My account too.
Mr Weaves, you appear to be taking this thread extremely personally.

By my count, you have three positives, one neutral, and one mildly critical of the colour scheme, and that was me, and I don't live in a geographical region that can economically take advantage of that deal anyway.

I find it hard to believe that my comments, which were mild and contained nothing that could be construed as a personal attack, could lead you to want to pack up your toys and go and play somewhere else.

What's the real issue here?


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I was expecting something hideous or custom, it's Marine Spiral which came out a couple of years back and might still be current, there's nothing wrong with it and might I add if someone had posted it in a Show Your Kit threads with a positive title it would've garnered a load of praise. I'm pretty sure it's standard chrome finish too. If I didn't already have a kit then I'd have this on my list.


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Man.. i love that wrap so much.. i wish i could justify buying those :( bah... no GAS! must not buy stuff i don't need... fight it...

p.s. same kit on amazon is $1299... so pretty good deal here..


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I like the finish. Since I already own a Saturn kit, along with 5 other kits, I think I'll pass on this one and let someone else benefit from the discounted pricing.


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I just happened to stumble across this discussion and thought I would add my 2 cents. I bought one of those Mapex Saturn V kits in marine spiral advertised at $1049. They accepted offers so I actually got it for just under $900.00. It is an incredible deal. The kit was brand new and in perfect condition. The marine spiral looks a lot better in person. I couldn’t be happier.


If I back away from Sonor, this will be my next kit but with bigger toms. SW has a bid worked up for me at around $2600.