Mapex Saturn Mayan Drum Kit? Had anyone heard anything about this?


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decisions eh!? Interesting, i didn't know mapex made whole racist kits, i just thought it was the snare drums? It would be interesting to see what that bronze hardware would look like in a few years.

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It was a one-shot drumset that they made to accompany their Black Panther Limited Edition Mayan Snare Drum for some display.
"Mapex have introduced a limited edition for 2009 of the Saturn drum set in Mayan Tattoo finish. After the success of the Black Panther Series Snares with the same design, Mapex has released a full MAYAN Tattoo finish drum set.
The component pack features two-interior walnut plies and four exterior maple plies, eight coats of hand applied deep gloss lacquer and color-matching brass brushed hardware.

This component pack includes a 22x18 bass drum, 10x8 and 12x9 tom toms, 14x14 and 16x16 floor toms and a 14x5.5 Black Panther Mayan Steel snare drum.

The Mayan Saturn features an 8-ply/ 7.5mm bass drum and 6-ply/ 5.1mm toms with low-mass, single point-of-contact lugs. Mayan Saturn drums also feature Mapex 2.3mm Steel Powerhoops and Remo® Emperor batter heads on all toms. Mayan Black Panther’s 20-strand Steel snare drum and bass drums come with Remo® Ambassador heads.

The Mayan Saturn limited edition bass drum claws are cushioned, low in profile and include die- cast hooks. Like all Saturn drums, the Mayan Tattoo finish has the exclusive Isolated Tom Mounting System on all toms and bass drums, spring-loaded floor tom legs, and the unique thin maple and walnut hybrid shell, producing the deep, rich tones that thousands of players have chosen to be their drum of choice. "

You can get them for $7000NZD here by special order.


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there's been a double bass mayan kit up on ebay for several months now, think the dude was asking $4500 for it...