Mapex Saturn Bass Suspension Mount For Toms


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Greetings. Long time lurker first time post. Been drumming for 40+ years, lots of bands and some touring back in my younger days. Just acquired a very nice Mapex Saturn kit from 2013 - maple/walnut - virgin bass 22. Just picked it up last night and haven't set it up to play yet - need to do some basic TLC and new heads. I'm looking for the tom suspension mount - which is pretty specific to these Saturns. Anyone know what I can pick one up? The bass measures 22 x 20.


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email Mapex and get the part number. Then you can order it or find the correct one on ebay etc. That's what I did. Be prepared to wait 6 months or longer for a special order from Mapex. Or you could just pick up a tom holder that mounts to a cymbal stand and not deflower your Bass drum.


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In the UK these rail mounted systems are not common and when they do appear they’re not cheap. The kit comes with 4 new bass drum lugs, you replace the top two lugs on both sides of the drum and these are machined so that the two long metal poles that the Tom mounting bracket sits on fit into them. Once in place it’s very flexible with the ability to move the whole Tom post backwards and forwards as well as up and down.
If you’re UK based be prepared for a long wait and a big expense. Much as I prefer bass drum mounted Toms , if it was me I’d be mounting then off cymbal stands and accepting that’s how I’ll be doing it.


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I've seen the mapex cymbal mounted tom mounts on ebay, that would be my go to place first. The rail bass drum mount is a tough find unless you drop really lucky.

If you're on facebook there's the mapex fan page. People post bits for sale on there all the time or you can put a post on asking if anyone has what you're looking for